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Annecy lake

Our hotel in Seynod is located near the Annecy Lake

Annecy lake : majestic

A jewel of nature, Annecy Lake owes its beauty to the surrounding mountains. Wild and secret, peaceful and accessible, it is a multi-faceted diamond. Whatever the season, from dawn to dusk, you are guaranteed an unforgettable walk. Many paths can be taken, so that all levels of walker can find a suitable trail. Hiking from crest to crest to make the most of the wide, expansive view, or wandering along the water’s edge to enjoy a quieter pace of life, Lac d’Annecy is unarguably majestic.


  • The trail along the peaks from Mont Veyrier to Mont Baron, for seasoned walkers.

  • A bicycle tour of the lake on the gentle Chavoire slope.

  • By boat, for an unforgettable cruise

  • The lake can also be seen from the skies from the Annecy-Meythet aerodrome

Found at: Lake Annecy is just a few minutes away from ACE Hôtel Annecy.

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