Chez Marmillon

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Chez Marmillon

Chez Marmillon, a must-see during your stay in our Annecy hotel

Chez Marmillon: everything tasted good !

All you need is to see the constant queue of food lovers patiently waiting their turn outside this Annecy old town food hall: at Chez Marmillon, everything tastes good. Pain des Alpes, Gâteau de Savoie, Saint-Génie Brioche, and more: the old-timers know what they’re talking about. Marillon is a top destination of excellence and not to be missed. This boulangerie-pâtisserie is additive-free – but addictive!

Found at? Marmillon is a few minutes drive from our hotel in Annecy.

Boulangerie MARMILLON
11, rue Sainte Claire
74000 ANNECY